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Kiddi Caru Whiteley Enjoy Splat Painting

The children at Kiddi Caru Whiteley enjoyed splat painting with the balls outside. The team offered a wide choice of… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Peterborough Beach Party

The pre-school Children at Kiddi Caru Peterborough have shown a strong interest in discussing holidays and whether they fly, go… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Plympton Encourage Baby Reactions

The babies have show a great interest in peek-a-boo and ball games recently. So, the team within the room have… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Writtle Pattern Painting

The babies have particularly enjoyed creating different types of marks recently. They made patterns using the wheels of their toy… Read full story

The Old Barn Painting Fun

The preschool team created a new large scale art activity for the children to explore! They filled bottles with paint… Read full story

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