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School Readiness Programme: Certificate

Congratulations on completing all 16 steps of our Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group School Readiness Programme. Whether this is an… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Whiteley Enjoy Splat Painting

The children at Kiddi Caru Whiteley enjoyed splat painting with the balls outside. The team offered a wide choice of… Read full story

School Readiness Programme: I can communicate with others

At Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group, the children take part in a high-quality communication, language and literacy development programme, produced… Read full story

Clap the Word Activity Card

Children love to clap along with songs and stories, so this activity combines this motion with the syllables in the… Read full story

What’s in the Box? Activity Card

What’s in the Box is a fun memory and communicative game to encourage your child to describe what they feel… Read full story

All About Me Box Activity Card

Fill a box with lots of information about your child and your family, to encourage them to communicate about themselves.… Read full story

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