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Gardening with children | Kiddi Caru

Gardening with children has so many benefits. By encouraging your child to have a hand in growing plants provides them… Read full story

World Book Day 2021 | Best Books for Pre-schoolers & Under 5s

Our recent survey revealed that, when asked if there’s too much emphasis on costumes for World Book Day, the opinion… Read full story

Keep Children Safe on the Internet

The internet is a wonderful and powerful tool. For many of us it is part of our daily lives, either… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Peterborough Story Line

The children here at Kiddi Caru Peterborough have shown a strong interest in looking at a variety of different books.… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Whiteley Curriculum Parents Evening

Kiddi Caru Whiteley hosted a ‘Curriculum Evening’ with all their nursery parents. It was a great success and everyone enjoyed… Read full story