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Create a visual timetable with your child at home

Kiddi Caru - 5th May 2020

Work with your little one to create your visual timetable at home, explaining all the while what you will be using it for and answering any questions they may have.

Display the visual timetable at your child’s level and keep it in the same place every day, so your child knows where to access it.

  • At the beginning of the day discuss your morning routine with your child. For example: breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth, story time, outdoor play, cooking activity, then lunch time. Make sure to have a photo or image to go along with every activity.
  • Prior to each activity, show the picture of the activity to your child, explain what it is you will be doing and then carry on with the fun! You can use an arrow or pointer to move along the visual timetable.
  • Continue with this sequence until the morning routine is time completed. This sequence can be repeated in the afternoon to include a bedtime routine.

The visual timetable is best for children over 3 years old. For children under the age of two, a now and then board can be used in the same way to give them a more general idea of the routine, covering larger areas of time, such as breakfast, playtime, lunch, nap time, outside play, dinner time, then bedtime.