Move & Groove Programme

Move & Groove

The Government recommend 180 mins of movement a day for the under 5’s. This does not need to be 3 hours of “planned” physical activity as children should be naturally active throughout every day.

At our nurseries, many of the activities such as Boogie Mites, Mini Mites, song & music sessions, and daily access to the outdoors will all contribute to meeting the above recommendation.

Even taking chairs away, allowing children to stand and move freely around the indoor tables can make a big difference!

Our everyday learning experiences also support the development of the gross and fine motor skills.

For example, opportunities to manipulate malleable resources such as playdough and clay is the first vital stage in strengthening the hand muscles, so that children can then master grasping a pencil to make marks, as they progress their way to writing.


In addition to good hydration and healthy eating, regular physical activity is vital for the whole body development.

From bones to brains and from muscles to mental health – “Moving and Grooving” will improve strength, stamina, self-esteem, social skills and support other areas of learning and educational development too.

The vestibular system is the sensory mechanism inside the inner ear that detects movement and enables us to control our balance, spatial awareness and hold posture.

Providing opportunities to spin, rock, twirl, bounce and roll will help to strengthen the vestibular system and can also have a positive, calming impact on some challenging behaviours.

Proprioception development (body awareness) is closely linked to the vestibular system. When proprioception is processed well, we can automatically adjust our bodies in everyday tasks such as negotiating our way around objects, sitting without falling, drinking without spilling and manipulating tools such as cutlery, pencils etc. It also helps us to modulate and be calm so that we can focus.

Our proprioceptive system has receptors located within our muscles and joints. These receptors are triggered when they are squashed or pulled apart during movement, so engaging in opportunities to push, pull, carry, knead, cycle and climb will stimulate this sensation and are very useful to the body and brain.

Why Move and Groove?

The purpose of the Move and Groove programme is to engage children aged 2 – 5 years old in a range of activities that develop the body and encourages healthy choices to support a lifetime of strong physical and mental well-being.

The programme does not sit in isolation. A specific Move and Groove session can be planned, but it should also enhance and expand every day physical play opportunities.

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