Innovate & Investigate Programme

Innovate & Investigate Programme

Innovate & Investigate Programme focusses on STEM activities and experiences:

Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics

Children are born with an intrinsic motivation to explore, question, experiment and discover.

The early development of the scientific mind is demonstrated as we observe a child’s fascination in a disappearing puddle, as they measure a growing flower, or experiment with mixing paint.

STEM references are also frequently used in our everyday language, e.g. “I will reflect on that”, “That melted my heart”, “They dissolved Parliament”.

Jan Dubiel writes that the Three Characteristics of Effective Learning are fundamentally a scientific process, and therefore children must have opportunity to think critically, test their theories and find out through trial and error to make those vital connections in the brain.


Many activities such as piecing together a jigsaw, baking biscuits, building a den or programming a robot are based in STEM theory.

Quality “hands on” STEM activities and experiences allow children to build on their natural desire to explore and discover, developing their analytical and problem solving skills and enabling them to start to understand the concepts such as cause and effect, reaction, patterns and sequencing.

It is therefore important that enquiry based learning is embedded in our nurseries. This empowers children to think for themselves; enabling then to become independent, resilient and curious for life.

Why Innovate and Investigate?

The purpose of this programme is to engage children aged 2 – 5 years old in a range of activities that provide STEM opportunities.

The programme does not sit in isolation. A specific “STEM” session using the Innovate and Investigate programme can be planned, but it should also enhance and expand every day critical thinking and language.

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