Our Curriculum Activities

Our Curriculum Approach

We recognise that children are powerful learners from birth and that they not only learn through play, but that play is so essential for a child’s wellbeing and development, it is part of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989).

Our combination of child and adult initiated play-based activities, experiences and opportunities are fundamental to our curriculum approach, which supports our company mission and vision to provide exceptional education and care and to inspire lifelong learning by recognising and realising the unique potential of every child.

We aim to create a nurturing and inspiring learning environment full of awe and wonder where children feel safe; where they can explore, experiment, discover and ultimately flourish.

The overall diverse and flexible curriculum will be developed by each nursery and driven by the needs, individuality and fascinations of every child.

Our curriculum

Exploring some of the statutory guidance and what we provide to ensure every child makes good and expected progress in their early years:


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