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Recipe Card: Pizza Pockets

A tasty treat to enjoy with movie or games night! Make sure to ask your child to help you make… Read full story

Malleable Play Activity 1: Fluffy Slime

Babies and young children benefit so much from sensory and malleable play as it allows them to practise their fine… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Baby Treasure Baskets Play

There are mountains of toys on the market, advertised to help your baby’s learning, development, curiosity, mobility and so much… Read full story

How to make Baby Sensory Bottles & Bags

Sensory play is essential for babies and children to use their five senses to explore and understand the world around… Read full story

Kiddi Caru’s Top Books to Entertain Children Under 5 While Stuck Inside

As we all take extra measures and precautions to keep our children and families safe indoors, our homes can start… Read full story

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