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Keep Children Safe on the Internet

The internet is a wonderful and powerful tool. For many of us it is part of our daily lives, either… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Redhill Celebrate Colour Week

The children at Kiddi Caru Redhill really enjoyed taking part in Colour Week! We explored activities around a different colour… Read full story

Fluffy Pumpkin Slime Activity Card

The prefect sensory activity for your little ones to explore and mould during this spooky season!   Download Read full story

Kiddi Caru Redhill Baby Junk Modelling

The babies at Kiddi Caru Redhill had a lot of fun creating a car out of a cardboard box, as… Read full story

Kiddi Caru Baby Movements Part 3: Cruising & Walking

Now your child is exploring their body and its mobility, there will be no slowing them down as they find… Read full story

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