School Readiness at Home

School Readiness Programme: I can button and unbutton my clothes, use a zip and put my own shoes and socks on

Kiddi Caru - 18th May 2020

The manipulative skills children need to manage to take clothes off and to put them on again is sometimes challenging for them, which can lead to frustration and anger. Make sure to cease every opportunity and spend time with your child showing them and supporting them if they are having any difficulties with fastenings.

Making the art and skill of dressing (or undressing as children find this easier!) fun is the key to give children the chance to practice their finer motor skills without any pressure.

Once you have introduced your child to different fastenings, try to set aside the time to allow them to put on and take off their own clothing during your daily routine, including getting dressed in the morning, putting on and taking of their shoes and coat when leaving and coming back to the house, as well as getting undressed for bath time and dressed in their pyjamas for bed.

At Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group we carry out PE sessions and encourage the children to put on their own shoes and coats before going outside to play. This is to provide them with the confidence and independence to care for themselves when they start school.

Below are some ideas you could use to support preparing parents and children for supporting success and independence in dressing and undressing.


Activity: Dress Up

Playing dressing up as different people or favourite characters will give your child a reason to want to practice pulling clothes on and off.




Activity: Race to Dress

A great game to encourage your child to get themselves dressed in the morning in a fun and speedy way!




Activity: Count Your Clothes

Combine your child’s mathematical understanding with their morning routine of getting dressed – making the task of getting dressed in the morning fun and quick.




Activity: Dress Roo for School

Print off Roo and his school clothes for your little one to colour in, perhaps with the school colours they will be wearing in September? Discuss the different items of clothing and what your child would like to wear.





Activity: How do you put this on?

We all like to help others, and children are no different. So, of course they will like to help teddy to get dressed, practising different fastenings and building confidence all the while.




Activity: Flip the Coat Trick

In our pre-school rooms, at Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group, we support the children to independently put on their coats by introducing them to the Flip the Coat Trick. You can do this at home too!