Whitwick Receive A Visit From ZooLab

Kiddi Caru - 29th January 2020

The children were very excited to be treated to a visit from Zoolab. ZooLab are the UK’s number one for ethical hands-on animal encounters with children. In preparation for the nurseries Halloween celebration, the ranger read the story, ‘Witch on a Broom’. Therefore, he was able to present his friendly animal team along with the story. So, the children could meet them one by one. The little ones were very excited to have the opportunity to touch the different animals and asked lots of questions. The session was such a success amongst all the children! The ranger explained the animals habitats, diets and where they originated from. The children learnt how to act around the animals and to treat them with respect. We are looking forward to another visit from Zoolab in the New Year!

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