Whitwick Nursery Serve Lunch

Kiddi Caru - 13th May 2021

Our toddler Room Leader attended a Kiddi Caru teaching and learning course regarding different activities that encourage learning opportunities, covering the characteristics of effective learning. In particular, allowing the children to help to set up for lunch, getting them involved with this simple task has lots of learn benefits. Where as, when the task is performed by an adult there are no learning outcomes for the children.
So, everyday the room now has three helpers who set out the plates, cups and cutlery for everyone. This is rotated throughout the week so all of the children get a turn. The children also wash their own hands and faces before lunch. Then they retrieve their place mats and choose where they would like to sit, placing their mat on the back of their chosen chair and self serving their meals.
As a result, the children are excited about dinnertime and show enthusiasm for the responsibility of helping out. The team also observed that quieter children use this opportunity to communicate between staff the other children. They’ve also developed their listening and understanding skills as they follow instructions and help one another.

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