Melton Mowbray Learning Through Boogie Mites

Kiddi Caru - 2nd November 2020

As part of the nursery School Readiness programme the preschool children regularly take part in Boogie Mites sessions. These session help to develop the little ones foundation literacy and mathematical development through song. One of the children’s favourite song is, ‘Choo choo choo’. So, the team decided to take them on a trip to the train station to extend their interest. Not only did they have fun listening for the announcement of the trains and seeing the trains, the children also took the opportunity to listen to all the environmental sounds on their walk to and from the station. The children were able to identify the sounds of lorries, motor bikes, cars, dogs, and much more. Whilst at the train station the children were very excited to see a police car. The police kindly put the lights and sirens on, which the children loved!

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