Kiddi Caru Whiteley Learning Through Music

Kiddi Caru - 21st January 2020

To increase toddlers learning we encourage them to play with musical instruments and join in with dancing activities. We believe that the brain starts forming connections for learning opportunities, such as vocabulary building and maths comprehension when children are involved in fun musical activities. The children have shown so much interest in musical activities that we have created different opportunities to incorporate music in all areas of development.

For example, one of their favourite activities is painting. So, the children were given the opportunity to use paint in the form of splatter painting while listening to music. They learnt how to recognise colours and what happens when colours are mixed together. The children were so engaged in the activity that they could maintain focused attention while being creative.

We also extended their learning with an adult lead activity, Brick Music Activity where the children have been learning about lines and spaces, counting lines and using problem solving to see how many bricks we can fit between lines. The children enjoyed placing bricks in the lines making patterns that have given plenty of opportunities to introduce new vocabulary, shapes and number names.

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