Kiddi Caru Whiteley Christmas Traditions

Kiddi Caru - 22nd December 2021

Kiddi Caru Whiteley really enjoyed getting involved with our Christmas Around the World theme this year. The children spent time learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world and looked at the 12 days of traditions. The little ones particularly took an interest in Swedish traditions as a friend of the nursery is from Sweden. The children learnt about the celebration of Lucia, a tradition where Swedish people wear white and wear candle crowns.

Advent was a hot topic of conversation in the nursery and the children had fun learning the ’12 Days of Christmas’ song and had lots of discussions about what they get inside their advent calendars.

Did you take part in our #ChristmasAroundTheWorld learning in 2021? We hope you enjoyed learning about the fantastic traditions celebrated across the globe.

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