Kiddi Caru Ower Sow and Grow

Kiddi Caru - 4th August 2022

At our Kiddi Caru Day Nursery and Preschool in Ower, they have had huge success with growing carrots as part of our Sow and Grow programme. The children have been very helpful and have pulled them out of the tyre and helped their chef prepare get them ready for lunch time.

Earlier on in the season, the children planted their own fruit, vegetables and Sunflowers! The children then took them home and their families have grown them into fully fledged flowers! The families kindly brought their vegetables into the nursery for the children to look at and prepare as part of our Make and Bake programme.

Foundations for the Future

The EYFS prepares our children for school and our own Foundations for the Future model prepares children for life!  We recognise the important role our practitioners have in developing the next generation of Influencers, Motivators, Explorers and Communicators.

We are committed to empowering, encouraging, inspiring and nurturing all the children. preparing them for the future and embedding positive life skills, behaviours and attitudes. Learn more here.

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