Job Profile

Regional Manager

Reports to: Senior Regional Manager

Job overview

What is the purpose of the job?

To provide professional leadership and management of Nursery Managers. Give the necessary support and guidance to enable them to deliver the highest standards of care and education within a clearly defined revenue and cost base.

Main Areas of Responsibility

  • Achieve high standards of care and education in the nursery network.
  • Provide support for Managers.
  • Performance management of Nursery Managers.
  • To manage budgets for revenue and costs.

Key responsibilities

  • Ensure that all nursery environments support the individual childcare needs.
  • Review the effectiveness of communication between H.O., nurseries, parents and carers.
  • Monitor the equality of access and opportunity in the nurseries.
  • Review the implementation of childcare policies for effectiveness.
  • Ensure that managers are implementing Health & Safety policies effectively.
  • Develop open and positive working relationships with nursery teams.
  • Involve nursery teams in decision making.
  • Agree and review individual targets and objectives with nursery Managers.
  • Provide regular feedback on performance to nursery Managers.
  • Work with the H.R. department to plan recruitment and deliver appropriate training and development opportunities for staff.
  • In conjunction with the nursery managers, achieve occupancy targets.
  • Control all nursery costs in line with budgets.
  • Liaise with the operational and financial area of the business to ensure effective use of management systems and information.
  • In conjunction with nursery managers, ensure that new nurseries are fully operational for opening.
  • Ensure that managers are actively promoting the nurseries and participating in marketing activities.

Please note that this job description is not exhaustive and you are required to carry out other duties in line with your role. This Job Description may be reviewed in the future.