Job Profile

3rd in Charge

Reports to: Nursery Manager

Job overview

What is the purpose of the job?

To assist the Nursery Manager and Deputy Manager in providing professional leadership and management of the nursery. To deliver the highest standards of care and education within a clearly defined revenue and cost base.

You will hold a full and relevant qualification in Early Years at Level 3 or above, understand and ensure the requirements of the EYFS and Ofsted are met and have experience working in a busy nursery setting in a leadership position.

What do you have to achieve?

  • High standards of care and education.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Staff who feel supported in their roles.
  • Targets for revenue and costs.

Key responsibilities

  • Provide a positive practice role model to ensure that The Childcare Corporation values are maintained.
  • Ensure that equality of access and opportunity is afforded to all staff, parents and children.
  • Create an environment that supports the childcare needs of individuals.
  • Maintain systems to monitor evaluate and improve the quality of childcare practice and provision.
  • Maintain effective methods of communication with children, staff, parents and carers. Attend meetings as and when required.
  • Support the implementation of any quality assurance scheme identified as appropriate by The Childcare Corporation.
  • Ensure that practice and provision in the nursery meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • Ensure that standards within the nursery meet the requirements of Company policies, procedures and operating practice.
  • Notify the Nursery Manager or Deputy Manager of any concerns or issues regarding policies, procedures or operational practice.
  • Ensure that Health and Safety standards are maintained.
  • Maintain open and positive working relationships with staff.
  • Involve staff in decision making.
  • Assist in agreeing and review individual targets and objectives with staff.
  • Provide regular feedback on performance to staff.
  • Assist in identifying and meeting appropriate training and development opportunities for staff.
  • Ensure that staff receive appropriate induction training.
  • Assume play room responsibilities as and when needed.
  • Assume additional management responsibilities as and when required.
  • Contribute towards achieving nursery occupancy targets.
  • Control costs in line with agreed budgets.
  • Understand and utilise management systems and information to maximise commercial benefits.
  • Represent the Company and advance its interests in the local community.
  • Assist in the management of nursery income streams to avoid bad debt.
  • Provide accurate and timely management information as required.

This job description is not exhaustive, changes and other duties relevant to the post may be added.