Parent Resources

Please find below our archive of parent resources. Here's where we share nutritious recipes as well as indoor and outdoor activity cards for you and your child to enjoy.

Get Outside this Autumn

With an average of 31% of children aged 2-5 getting less than 3 hours of outdoor time per week (see… Read full story

Recipe Card: Chocolate Rice Pudding

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Our little ones love our coco rice pudding – perfect warm or cold! It is so… Read full story

Recipe Card: Moroccan Lamb

There are so many different flavours and learning opportunities for little ones with this dish. So, definitely one to show… Read full story

Recipe Card: Vegetable Finger Wrap

Encourage your little ones to use their fine motor skills to wrap their own tortilla with our vegetable finger wrap… Read full story

Recipe Card: Hot Pot

Our hotpot is a firm favourite at nursery – with pork or our vegan option! It is bursting with flavour… Read full story

Recipe Card: Strawberry Whip

Looking for an easy tasty dessert this weekend? Our strawberry whip is loved by all ages at nursery – on… Read full story