Valentine’s Day Children Activities

Kiddi Caru - 12th February 2021

We have shared the love and discussed the important people in our lives to celebrate Valentine’s Day (14th February). At Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries, our children enjoyed a number of Valentine’s Day crafts and activities.

Valentine’s Sensory Bags

These sensory bags are perfect for children (and parents) that do not like to get messy during sensory play. The bags encourage babies and toddlers to use their sense of touch to explore the bubbles. As well as, promoting the use of their dexterity and hand muscle development.

They are so easy to make, provide learning opportunities and can be stored and used over again.



Valentine’s Heart Printing

A romantic twist on our fun printing activity. With the use of recyclable materials that result in a hand made Valentine’s card for your friends and family.

This Valentine’s craft activity will also encourage your child’s shape recognition and understanding.



Valentine’s Heart Threading

Threading activities promote the use of fine motor skills and coordination. This activity is best for toddler and preschool children.

Such a simple activity with some beautiful results. Is your child able to help cut out the heart shapes into the cardboard?



We hope you and your family found our Valentine’s Children Crafts helpful and fun. We would love to see your creations. So, please share them with us via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 from everyone at Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries Group.