Malleable Play for Babies & Toddlers

Kiddi Caru - 14th July 2020

Our youngest babies learn through experiences and activities that engage all of the 5 senses.  Their brain development will be stimulated by exploring different smells, textures, sounds and colours.

As they grow, this can be expanded by exploring malleable materials. This play will support children develop key physical, language and literacy skills such as:

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Coordination
  • Grip and Dexterity
  • Mark Making Opportunities
  • Language and Communication

We have put together a range of activities for you to carry out with your child for them to learn and develop the attributes listed above. We know that little ones love to explore by putting items in their mouths. So, we have made sure that the activities include edible substances that can all be made using everyday house hold items.

Fluffy Slime

For this slime you only need 3 simple ingredients that you can probably find around your home. We love that this fluffy slime is made without borax. You can also add any colour you’d like or even mix them to encourage your child’s colour recognition.









Cornflour Play

Watch the fun and sensory experience of feeling the unusual texture. Young children will be keen to explore using their whole bodies. You can create investigations with older children and talk about colour change, weight, adding more or less etc. For toddler’s simple pots, spoons and containers can be added for additional fun to promote transferring and scooping skills.








Spaghetti Play

Sensory spaghetti is a fun tool to promote exploration using all your child’s senses. Babies and young children will enjoy the taste, feel and smell of the spaghetti. Young children are transporters and collectors, adding tins and containers for scooping and transferring will promote coordination and motor skills. For the young babies allow them to simply explore and feel.








Edible Sand

With babies and young children, you’ll know that they love to explore using their mouths and sense of taste. So, you can combine their sensory, motor skills and coordination together in one fun activity!