Sow & Grow Programme

Sow & Grow

Our Sow & Grow programme intends to be as eco-friendly as possible, so please try and use recycled materials and avoid ‘one use plastic’ items. Ask parents and friends for garden equipment they no longer use and see how eco you can go!

Gardening with children is a fantastic learning experience and one which allows the development of a whole set of new skills. Gardening activities can provide hours of fun and introduce moments of awe and wonder for children.

Children can watch plants growing from seeds and notice how fruits and vegetables increase in size as they learn how to feed and nurture them.

They will begin to make the connection that the food we eat begins its life in the soil.

To fully experience the growing process, children need to spend time handling, tasting and exploring the plants and foods around them.


Being outside in the fresh air improves overall health and well-being and provides the body with Vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones.

Gardening engages all the senses and provides a calming atmosphere. Children can smell, touch and taste their produce, observe the colours and changing appearance of the flowers, fruit and vegetables they have grown, whilst absorbing the sounds of nature all around them.

They will learn they have a responsibility to care for what they have planted in order for it to grow and that it takes time and patience for it to ripen or bloom.

Children may also experience excitement and a sense of pride, as they pick and eat the produce they have grown, building confidence and independence. It will also encourage healthy eating – “I grew it, so I want to eat it!”

Gardening activities support physical development as it engages gross and fine motor skills, when digging with tools, pouring from a watering can and sowing seeds. It also links with other areas of learning as many mathematical and scientific concepts can be discussed and explored, children can mark make as they make labels and signs and generally expand their awareness and understanding of the world.

Now more than ever, the world needs future influencers who love it, appreciate it and want to protect it. Our Sow and Grow programme aims to instil that desire from the youngest age.

Why Sow and Grow?

The purpose of this programme is to engage children aged 2 – 5 years old in a range of activities such as planting, growing, nurturing, monitoring and measuring plants, fruits and vegetables. It is also to teach them about the planet and how we can be environmentally aware. This is a great opportunity to introduce recycling!

The programme does not sit in isolation. A specific activity from the Sow & Grow pack can be planned, but it can also enhance and expand every day growing and gardening opportunities.

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