Our Educational Programmes

PATHWAY to the Foundations

Designed to support our under 2’s curriculum,  Pathway explains the theory and benefits of our early programmes and activities.

It also provides lots of ideas and activities linked to the prime areas and the EYFS principles.

Foundations for the Future

The EYFS prepares our children for school and our own Foundations for the Future model prepares children for life!  We recognise the important role our practitioners have in developing the next generation of Influencers, Motivators, Explorers and Communicators.

We are committed to empowering, encouraging, inspiring and nurturing all the children. preparing them for the future and embedding positive life skills, behaviours and attitudes.

As part of Foundations for the Future, we have developed a range of bespoke educational programmes that fit within the EYFS framework and are designed to be accessible, flexible and fun!.

Whilst all children’s learning is interlinked, each programme focusses on a pillar of learning as shown above, and forms part of the wider 2-5s curriculum.

Health & Self

Overview of content:

– Mental health & wellbeing
– Empathy & tolerance
– Self-regulation & resilience

Innovate & Investigate

Overview of Content:

– Science & Technology
– Engineering & Maths (STEM activities)

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Make & Bake

Overview of Content:

– Healthy eating
– Science & Technology
– Independence

Move & Groove

Overview of Content:

– Physical activity & wellbeing
– Agility & spatial awareness
– Balance and coordination
– Cardiovascular & core stability

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Sow & Grow

Overview of Content:

– Growing & planting
– Environmental awareness and appreciation
– Connection to the natural world

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Fun Activities

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