Our commitment

Our commitment to you and your child

Our commitment to our parents

We ensure that as a parent, you have as many opportunities as you need to be involved in nursery life, and to understand how your child is progressing. Nursery provision is an active partnership with parents, which flourishes through effective communication.

We are here to ensure that you can be confident that your child is getting the best childcare possible and that your needs as parents are being addressed.

As a result, we hold regular parent evenings, distribute monthly newsletters, display dedicated parent notice boards and welcome both formal and informal feedback. Our nurseries also provide development and learning records for every child that parents can view and contribute to at any time they wish and then take as a record when their child leaves.

Managers are always available to speak to you on a one-to-one basis. This is in addition to daily contact with your child’s keycarer and any other staff members working in your baby or child’s room.

Our nursery is your nursery and we want you to have all the involvement you need.

Our commitment to your child

Our nursery setting enables children to socialise and learn through play from a very early age. At our nursery every age group, from babies to pre-school, has an opportunity to develop and learn through first hand experiences, making use of the wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities we have at our disposal.

Our key priority is to be part of caring for a happy baby or child and as such we strive to match the child’s needs with the wide range of stimuli available within our settings. Again, taking care to apply simple factors to their care such as the opportunity to frequently chase and run outdoors or the chance to sit in groups and listen to a story being read.

Both of these activities are well recognised as beneficial.

When your child joins us they will be assigned a key person who has dedicated responsibility for working with both you and your child to ensure your needs are met.

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