Food & Nutrition

We take great care to provide children with nutritious and wholesome food, prepared by fully qualified professionals. We also plan our daily nursery menus to include fresh and varied options that are suitable for each age group. Naturally we also cater for all individual dietary needs.

Our nursery menus are produced under the guidance of a registered Dietician who has many years experience of working in the childcare industry and with day nurseries.

Meal-time in the Baby Unit is a perfect relationship-building opportunity for child and carer. Our specialist staff always ensure that the type, consistency and portion size is just right for your baby.

For our 2 – 5 year olds we see meal times as an important opportunity for social interaction and a tool for building confidence and independence.

We understand that meal times are an important part of life, and a good opportunity for children to learn about taking turns, table etiquette – and enjoying the social occasion.

What are we dishing up?

Four week rolling menus are created for every season, to provide our children with a variety of tasty meals. Our menus are created to encourage children to try different textures and flavours. This wide range of meals helps to deter ‘fussy’ eaters.

Our Summer menus are bursting with fresh ideas and tasty dishes to cater for all ages, including, vegetarian and vegan options for every meal.

Our on-site chef is able to cater to every child’s needs and our dedicated practitioners are vigilant with our traffic light system. This system consists of a simple but affective method. Where by, any child with allergies has their meals served on a red plate that is covered and names. A child with specific preferences has their meals served on a yellow plate that is covered and names. Where as, children with no allergies or preferences have their meals served on green plates.

Also, we have a specific baby menu to cater for every stage of the weaning process. This menu also follows the traffic light system to ensure every child’s safety during these early weaning years.

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Why not try some of our recipes at home?

Like all of us, children develop their favourite meals. That’s why, we don’t keep our menus a secret – in fact its the opposite!

We create recipe cards based on our most popular dished to share with our families. So, you can prepare your child’s favourites at home too.

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