9 out of 10 parents

9 out of 10 parents would recommend Kiddi Caru

Through a recent survey we have established that over 90% of our existing parents are very happy to recommend our nurseries which speaks volumes for the level of care we offer.

How have we managed that?

Dedicated staff – 75% of our staff hold as a minimum NVQ Level 3 qualifications and encourage a commitment to attend training from those below that level. We also have a number of graduates already in post ensuring we will be well ahead of the Government requirement of having a graduate in every setting by 2015.

Exceptional facilities – Our nurseries have been built to maximise the space, light and function of each room. In simple terms our children enjoy space and light both externally and internally.

In the lifetime of Kiddi Caru we have a 100% safety record.

Established partnerships – effective communication ensures active partnerships flourish with parents making our nursery their nursery.

Children are individuals – a caring, sharing, learning and fun environment is created and encouraged to ensure children thrive as individuals.

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